Saturday, 4 September 2010

Transformers Tunisian Crochet

I really like the fairisle designs in knit wear and i was trying to replicate them, however i can only crochet and i found it too hard...untill i discovered tunisian crochet, a sort of cross between crochet and knitting, thankfully still only using one hook.

After getting into it I have designed and started to make 19 x 19 stitch swatches in the theme of Transformers, thinking of making it into a patchwork pillow...So far i have crocheted and the autobot and decepticion logos, a tape, and im currently working on megatrons face...


  1. Awesome job. Would love the patterns for this. My boyfriend is a huge transformers fan. grealt job again and I LOVE LOVE this.

    1. Its all Tunisian crochet, if you can see the last image they are all of the charts I drew up to make the individual pieces, then they are just crocheted together and sewn to an existing pillow case.