Monday, 31 January 2011

DBB Summative Assesment . . .

Just finished setting up all my work for Drawing Beyond Boundaries Summative Assesment, the final assesment of this module. Includes all of the work i have done for this module.

DBB 3D Wire Fish Drawing . . .

From the original drawing to this finished wire fish. Just a few images of the detail, which i think over all is much more interesting than the fish as a whole.

Consolodation Project Contiuned . . .

Thursday is the deadline for this mini project and these are some images of all the woven forms i have made. Sadly i feel this project could contiue in so many ways, however i could use it futher down the line im sure, so due to more development that could be done im not soo sure that i am consolidated but i dont have time to try out all of the things i have thought of. Must wrap it up in another way.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Drawing Beyond Boundaries - Working with Wire . . .

Another drawing beyond boundaries excerise, this emcompasses collages we have previously created, sampling some of the mark making to draw in and decorate the body of a fish. This then developed into the creation of a wire sculpture or drawing in wire based on that drawing. Not yet finished.

Consolodation Project . . .

Current project at HCA continuing from Experimenting with Materials using the qualities in our samples that we found most interesting. The aim is to develop these features futher and see where the journey takes you.

Using the three dimensional woven samples and the techniques i had learnt whilst willow weaving i have produced woven spherical forms.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Drawing Beyond Boundaries - Fold and Draw . . .

To prepare you will need a large sheet of paper and we used decorated china for our patterns
1. Fold your sheet of paper as many ways as you like.
2. Cut out a view finder in a similar shape to your piece of folded paper, lay it on your pattern of choice.
3. Copy out that pattern in colour.
4. and 5. are both sides of the same sheet.

6. Plan which side you wish to draw on and fold accordingly.
7. Cut out a view finder of a similar shape to your folded paper.
8. Copy the pattern using only black and greys.

Open out and if you folded correctly the majority of the black will be on the same side and the majority of the colour. It is a little different and often lots of white space is left but you could continue folding then drawing. Maybe pick 3 colours you like, purple, pink, and yellow, do each layer an indiviual colour and then end with black.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

African Flower Hexagon Shoe Accessories . . .

After finding a tutorial on how to crochet Flower Hexagons from Hedi Bears Blog and seeing the shoe refashioning on OutsaPop i pieced two and two together to refashion some boots.

Following the tutorial to the letter, other than i only have a 4mm hook, i chained 30 to create a loop to slip the hexagon over the boot and sit nicely on the outside ankle.