Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Slip Stitch Crochet Scarf . . .

Now I have a short gap between finishing a project and starting a new one so I have been making for mee...This is a scarf I have made, Ive got a thing for subtle change in colour at the moment or should i say tone as greys are one of my favourites...

Three colours A B and C, Lightest to Dark,
Chain 75 - 80 (enough to go around your neck comfortably)
Slip Stitch into each chain across, continue for 16 rows, Fasten off.
Change to colour B and join to colour a 3 rows down in order to create the ridge between colours.
Continue for another 16 rows, fasten off.
Again change to the next colour and repeat.
Then seam up to create a cowl scarf.

This scarf could be made a lot longer to go around your next twice, i also might make a purple version with loads of different colours so i will make the bands a lot shorter.

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