Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vacuum Packed Wool . . .

I finished the jumper for Esther quite early in the summer and before I went back to college a couple of weeks ago I remembered I had to sew in the ends. After it was all sewn up I had a sneeky try on and decided I wanted one for myself. I had a few balls of lilac marble colour change J.c.Brett wool which I started with and I only got as far as the body before I was all out. 

I ordered some more off of ebays and it arrived like this - vacuum packed - amazed, it made my day, id never have thought to do begin with i was a little concerned as it what it was id bought, but i popped the plastic and puff back into balls of wool they turned. 


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  1. Well check it out, you too could vacuum pack all your wool stash for only £30....